Keep the spam bots off your website

If your WordPress becomes more popular, it’s also the time that you have to fight more and more spam. It’s not only about all the spam comments you have to moderate, but it’s also hard work for your website’s server. These spam bots are not playing nice and might “fire” multiple comments within seconds to your website. With the result that your website becomes slow and is maybe offline after several minutes. I tried a lot of tweaks to keep my Web development blog clean and fast and after several upgrades and modifications I found the 5G Blacklist (don’t worry about the year, the list still works). It’s not a 100% solution but together with my current web host and the Bad Behavior Plugin, my website becomes much faster the last weeks.

What kind of action do you take to fight spam bots?


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2014-07-24 9:45 AM Reply

A great list of filters to fight spam bots! I use them since a while and helped a lot to keep my server fast. If you access your own website from other locations you you can’t use the function file_get_contents() anymore. This function is very easy to but doesn’t send the required headers to the target location. I use this handy CURL function instead:

Within a WordPress website you can use the function wp_remote_get() which sends a (custom) header, too.


    2014-07-24 9:46 AM Reply

    Thanks Paul, for sharing this information (and the code).

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