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Problems with Safari

Posted on 10-05-2012 in category: Help by PHP Classes

I have been using your PHP code from ‘PHP Login: Access_user Class’ and it does a great job. Just started testing my code on other browsers...

How to add “open” file using Chrome as a browser?

Posted on 11-04-2012 in category: PHP Script Support

I have enjoyed using your PHP download script for several years; however, I started using Chrome as a browser (much faster than FF or ie) recently and now...

Block external TimThumb requests

Posted on 09-04-2012 in category: Wordpress Hacks

After the TimThumb vulnerability from last year it happens often that “bad” bots are trying to hack your WordPress site, even if you never...

Extend PHP whois for additional domain TLDs

Posted on 05-03-2012 in category: Help by PHP Classes

I got this question last week from Jeroen and I thought the solution would be interesting for some of you. Hi, I was wondering if there is an option for me...

Ajax upload, free PHP script

Posted on 10-02-2012 in category: PHP Script Support

I got this question from Tosin ealier this week: Hello, Please help with this: I am using a simple php script to do upload but I want to use your javascript...

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HitTail the long tail keyword tool

Since Google Panda and several Google Penguin updates, SEO or search engine optimization has become a new kind of game. Or maybe not? You will find these days a lot tweets about content marketing or other “new” ways to get (back) into the top of the search results. Reaching the top of Google for popular […]

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