Last changes for PHP Whois script

Last changed: 2006-09-11

Version 1.22
Added additional whois server settings (.eu, .us) and the regex pattern is more improved.

Version 1.21
There was small problem if the user requests data about .de domein (denic), the exec function will not work for this kind of tld. I put in the method get_whois_data() an if clause to use for this kind of tld always a socket connection.

Version 1.20
I changed in this class the simple domain check and the method to obtain whois data, because there are several problems with timeouts by calling the whois servers. In this version there are two ways to get the whois data: the old method with fsockopen and (new) via the linux command line with the command "whois -h". The last one is much faster and uses features like re-directing. The class is modified to handle .nl queries while using the "is" parameter.

Version 1.13
I added a boolean to the check_only() method to use this information for domain register pages. You can use this "bool" to redirect to an other page (to sell the free name f.e.).

Version 1.12
I changed the get_whois_data() and the check_only() method, because the information was not right if there was no server connection. This class works now for PHP with the setting register_globals = off.

Version 1.11
I added the var $whois_param, use this var via the serverlist to use extra (required) parameters for some whois servers.

Version 1.10
In this version is it possible to check domain names for all tld's which are configured inside the server list. New Files: "multi_whois_list.php" this file is an example for using the new functions and is also an extended version of the main class. "multi_whois_detail.php" you need this file to get detail information ondomain names checked with the list file.

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