PHP demos and example pages

Find below all our PHP demo scripts, the demonstration pages are also linked from each script or tutorial. For security reasons, a few demo’s will show only dummy content. For the bests experience you should download and install each PHP script on your own web server.

Facebook API tutorial "live demo"

Try the code from our Facebook API tutorial and post a link including message to your Facebook timeline with a simple mouse click.

Form field validation test application

An example script that demonstrates how to use the form field validation class, validate text, dates, numbers, URLs and e-mail addresses with only a few lines of code.

jQuery Registration form

Using the jQuery Ajax function we test each field against the check.php script, if the test fails, an error will show up.

Modal upload demo using jQuery and PHP

Upload a file within an IFRAME (created by the Thickbox jQuery plugin) and pass the uploaded file name to the parent document.

Check (back) links using PHP

At the moment you need to test several websites for a back link to your website you need a back link checker. This example shows the functionality with a simple HTML form.

PHP Pagination example page

Try the PHP pagination script example page, try different navigation links and check the pagination information.

jQuery function demonstration

Try these functions from a blog post about jQuery, full code download available!

PHP Whois demo with conditional result

This whois query example will show you basic functionality how to build a domain name registration page. In place of a registration form a simple banner will show up.

jQuery Ajax Search demonstration

Try here the code from our jQuery search tutorial while searching for topics posted to our forum.

Check empty form fields with PHP

Validate with this function if the required fields of your form are empty and send a message to the browser if this is true.

Hide mailto: e-mail link processor

This demo will convert a string with e-mail address, subject, element label and additional text to a complete a-element where the e-mail address is hidden for several SPAM bots.

Alternative colored rows

This PHP script example shows a MySQL database result in different colored rows with also colored hover effects inside a div HTML element.

PHP File upload and download demo

This example page shows a group of PHP file and directory functions: file upload and download, open a directory, showing the uploaded files in a select menu.

Regular expressions test page

Regular expressions are very powerful to use for validation of HTML form inputs. This example demonstrates tests for decimals, the Dutch postal code and email addresses.

Get templates from the TemplateMonster API

On this demo page we show how-to use some PHP code to retrieve template data from the TemplateMonster API system.


This reCAPTCHA demo page is using some simple PHP code that demonstrates how you can use the reCAPTCHA API to protect a comment form against spam bots.

jQuery flickr image search

This flickr search page demonstrates how-to search images using the Flickr API system, PHP and jQuery.

How-to convert long strings with PHP

This script will help to prevent unwanted form input with many the same characters. The returned version is a shortened version of the original.

Dynamic PHP navigation list example

Try the demo for the PHP navigation list tutorial. We are using some links to the website to show how the code works.

Ajax upload example using our PHP upload class

Upload files using the jQuery Form Plugin and the PHP upload class provided for free at Web Development Blog.

Get the Page Title and Meta description from a website

Retrieve META data and the title of a particular website while using a regular expression and some native PHP file functions.

MySQL database result - nested repeat region

This example shows some rows from MySQL database result set inside a nested repeat region. This will mean that the records are looped in both directions (horizontal and vertical).