finalwebsites.com and WordPress developer Olaf Lederer

finalwebsites.com is my company where I help customers with services such as website building, online marketing and hosting.

I remember a friend asking me in 2005 why I didn’t have a blog yet (using WordPress, of course). He further said, “That would be a great addition for your website about PHP web development.” It took some time to “get used to” that idea and eventually in 2006 I built my first website (section) with WordPress.

It took some time before I built the first website for a customer with WordPress and a little longer before the first webshop was built with WooCommerce. For the first projects I used free and premium themes, but after ±10 projects I increasingly programmed my own WordPress theme and wrote more and more custom plugins.

Nowadays all websites and web shops are built with WordPress (and WooCommerce). I also still build PHP web applications when WordPress is not a good choice for a project.

My contribution to the WordPress community

WordPress and a large number of plugins that I use every day are made available for free by other developers. That’s why it goes without saying that I also want to contribute something. I do this by making free WordPress plugins available and by sharing my knowledge (about WordPress). This happens here and there at WordPress meetups and WordCamps.